Getting information about new releases

New final releases and some of the test releases are announced on Free(code) (formerly, project name is CLEX. You can subscribe there for new release announcements. If you are a developer and want to be informed about all test versions, please email us.

Getting the CLEX File Manager

Method 1: Downloading Linux RPM packages

All our RPMs are signed using this GPG key. RPM file sizes are between 100 and 150 KB.

Latest version 4.6.patch6

These packages were built on Fedora 19 and tested on Fedora 17.

These are RHEL/CentOS 5 packages.

Method 2: Compiling from sources

This is the way to install CLEX on any compatible Unix or Unix-like system. An ANSI/ISO C compiler is necessary to compile CLEX from the source code. You will also need the ncurses library which is part of most (if not all) system distributions.

Download the source (file size is about 240 kilobytes) and unpack it. Run ./configure and then make. Finally run make install as root. Read the INSTALL file for detailed instructions.

In case you want to build an RPM package, the spec file is already included. All you need is rpmbuild -tb clex-4.X.Y.tar.gz (as root).

The source code in .tar.gz format

SHA1 checksum(s):
601091677349dbd8613f185a594361a8d78c65ab  clex-4.6.4.tar.gz
cf1e6831d7639de55b17ea8e3fa5d1e32f13ec59  clex-4.6.patch5.tar.gz
05a1a3f3851222b81a8338f15e40c55feb094722  clex-4.6.patch6.tar.gz

Method 3: Third party packages

CLEX software packages are also available from several external sources.

Slackware Linux: Download the CLEX package from cheixusb.

Fedora Linux: Fedora provides a recent CLEX version in Fedora 14 and newer. By the way, Fedora is the Linux distribution where the CLEX is being developed on.

There are several other sources. Check their CLEX version numbers to make sure they are up to date. Many of them are not.

Other downloads

The HTML manual

SHA1 checksum:
4ca04df0dd4554e8b19803fe4dc76dd545fbfad3  clex-html-help-4.6.4.tar.gz
3ba5a8beaf5c9c82839d04cb850eed38b18be0ed  clex-html-help-4.6.patch5.tar.gz
bf1a4b984629d6a94aa5ec68876927100e1a96c5  clex-html-help-4.6.patch6.tar.gz

Text files (they are included in the source code archive)

Developers' section