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Name completion

This function attempts to complete any name (word) found at the cursor position. TIP: If finer control over the name completion is required or if the automatic completion reaches its limits, please use the: completion/insertion panel (<esc> <tab>) instead.

There are several types of name completion and the completion method is chosen automatically depending on the context. Please note that inside some command line constructs (e.g. loops), the automatic completion may fail to choose the right type of completion.

command names
word to be completed is the first word in a command. If no directory is specified, $PATH is searched.
directory names
used in the directory panel
user names
for names beginning with ~ (~username = user's home directory)
environment variables
for names beginning with $ sign
this general type of completion is performed in all other cases

Filename completion tries to recognize certain shell metacharacters and completes filenames in these situations:

These common situations are handled as well:
The arg, option, user, or host in these examples must be a single word and the cursor must be positioned after the : or = character.

If there is no completion possibility, a warning is displayed. If there is exactly one completion possibility, CLEX completes the name, otherwise a list of completion candidates appears on the screen.