Table of Contents

File panel functions (1/3) - access to other panels

These panels work with files, directories and with the command line. That's why they are accessible from the file panel only.

alt-M main menu
alt-W directory panel (change working directory)
alt-K bookmark panel
alt-S sort panel
alt-H command history panel
user (group) information panel
alt-= file compare panel
<esc> <tab> completion/insertion panel

Panels in the next group are not related to the file panel. They can be entered from any panel, but only one instance of each panel is allowed.

alt-C configuration panel
alt-L log panel
alt-N notification panel
alt-O filter and pattern matching options

To exit a panel, press the cancel key (ctrl-C or the equivalent ctrl-G). Also, the same key that enters the panel, exits the panel. The configuration panel additionally requires confirmation at exit.