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Command history

The history panel offers advanced functions for working with the command line history list.

The most common tasks can be accomplished directly from the file panel (see ctrl-P, ctrl-N, and alt-P).

In the history panel, you can browse the list of recently executed commands, insert the command(s) into the command line and edit them as required. For example two or more previously executed commands can be easily combined into a new command.

The history panel:

Help with keys:

<enter> Return to the file panel. If the command line is empty, the current command from the history list will be copied into it.
<tab> Insert the text of the current command from the panel into the command line. A command separator ; is automatically inserted when a command is appended to the end of another command.
<esc> <del> Delete the current entry from the history list.
Ctrl-F Activate the panel filter.
Ctrl-C or Ctrl-G Exit the history panel (changes made in the command line are preserved).