Table of Contents

Basic editing functions

Move cursor

<left>character left
<right>character right
<home>move to the beginning of the line
<end>move to the end of the line
alt-B or shift-<left> or ctrl-<left> word left (back)
alt-F or shift-<right> or ctrl-<right> word right (forward)
<esc> <up> or ctrl-<up> line up
<esc> <down> or ctrl-<down> line down
Some key combinations from the list above may be unsupported or not available on some systems.


<del>delete character under the cursor
alt-Ddelete word at the cursor
<backspace> or ctrl-Hdelete character to the left the cursor
ctrl-Kdelete to end of line
ctrl-Udelete entire line


All regular text that you type is inserted, there is no overtype mode.

In order to insert a control character that has a function in the program (e.g. ctrl-C = exit panel) press ctrl-V before the character:

ctrl-V <X>insert the character X

In order to insert characters by their codes press alt-I and follow these instructions.

Undo and redo

ctrl-Z or alt-ctrl-Y undo (reverse the last insert or delete operation)
ctrl-Y or alt-ctrl-Z redo (revert to the state before undo)


alt-T transform character case (upper to lower and vice versa)