Getting the CLEX File Manager

Method 1: Compiling from sources

This is the way to install CLEX on any compatible Unix or Unix-like system. An ANSI/ISO C compiler is necessary to compile CLEX from the source code. You will also need the ncurses library with header files (usually packaged as ncurses-devel) which is part of most - if not all - system distributions.

Download the latest release from GitHub and unpack it. Run ./configure and then make. Finally run make install as root. i.e. using sudo. Read the INSTALL file for detailed instructions.

In case you want to build an RPM package, run rpmbuild -tb clex-4.7.tar.gz.

Method 2: Third party packages

CLEX software packages are also available from some external sources. As always, download only from a trusted source. Check the CLEX version number to make sure the repository is up to date. Many of them are not.

Other downloads

The HTML manual

Text files (they are included in the source code archive)