CLEX file manager for Linux and Unix

CLEX is a free file manager with a full-screen user interface. It runs on Linux, FreeBSD, and other Unix and Unix-like systems. CLEX is open-source software licensed under the GNU General Public License. This is the official CLEX web site.

The latest stable version is 4.6.patch6.
There is currently no test version.


CLEX not working on Ubuntu 16.04 (updated 12-JUL-2016)

Users have reported a problem with CLEX on Ubuntu 16.04. The program exits with: Terminating CLEX: Cannot read the keyboard input.

According to ncurses library maintainers, this problem was related to a fix for the Debian #805618 issue. This fix was revised in ncurses-6.0-20160611. Please update the ncurses library. If you cannot update, consider the workaround below.

A workaround: In the file src/inout.c comment out or remove the line notimeout(stdscr,TRUE);. It is the line number 201 in the current release. Make sure the gcc, make and libncursesw5-dev packages are installed. Then recomplile CLEX.

CLEX 4.6.patch6 released (31-AUG-2013)

This release corrects two errors and adds one new feature. Special thanks to Rudolf Polzer who has sent us a detailed analysis of the bugs in the code. Please read the change log for details.

CLEX 4.6 in Fedora Linux (10-AUG-2011)

We'd like to inform you that Fedora now provides the most recent CLEX version in Fedora 14 and 15. Many thanks to people at Fedora.

CLEX 4.6.patch5 released (19-JUL-2011)

This release includes a patch fixing a problem with certain keys in the log's panel filter.

CLEX 4.6.4 released (21-MAY-2011)

We'd like to thank to Richard Harris for his contribution. Richard has proofread and corrected the English built-in help. Many thanks indeed.

This final 4.6 release differs slightly from 4.6.test3. Please read the change log for more information about new features.

Note: CLEX 4.6.4 is the stable release that follows 4.5, read below.

New numbering scheme (21-MAY-2011)

A sequence of consecutive numbers will be used as the third numbering level to ensure uncomplicated upgrading.

For example, CLEX 4.7 releases might be numbered from 1 to 7 like this: 4.7.test1, 4.7.test2, 4.7.rc3, 4.7.rc4, 4.7.5, 4.7.patch6, 4.7.patch7.

End of life for CLEX3 (21-MAY-2011)

CLEX version 3 reached its end of life. It is no longer available for download from this site.