User's manual

This document contains the on-line help from the CLEX File Manager software formatted for the web. Several screenshots were added. The latest version is available at and can be downloaded from

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version: 4.6.patch8
last update: 01-MAY-2018
Please report any errors or typos to

Known issues

CLEX does not start on Ubuntu 16.04

The program exits immediately with: Terminating CLEX: Cannot read the keyboard input. on Ubuntu 16.04.

According to ncurses library maintainers, this problem was related to a fix for the Debian #805618 issue. This fix was revised in ncurses-6.0-20160611. Please update the ncurses library. If you cannot update, consider the workaround below.

A workaround: In the file src/inout.c comment out or remove the line notimeout(stdscr,TRUE);. It is the line number 201 in the 4.6.patch6 release. Make sure the gcc, make and libncursesw5-dev packages are installed. Then recomplile CLEX.

Library version mismatch

A CLEX executable statically linked with glibc requires at runtime the shared library from the glibc version used for linking. If this condition is not met, following errors occur:
Cannot find your account (UID=??) in the user database
USER ACCOUNTS: Cannot obtain user account data.
If this happens, it means that you are trying to use a CLEX program which was built for a different system than yours. Starting from 4.6 we will not provide statically linked programs for download.

RHEL/Centos 5

The rpm program on RHEL/Centos 5 incorrectly claims that package 4.6.4 is newer than 4.6.patch6. Please use the --force flag to update the CLEX package, e.g.:
rpm -U --force /path/to/clex-4.6.patch6-1.el5.centos.i386.rpm